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    MightyMind Puzzle

    0967MightyMind Puzzle3 to 8

    MightyMind is an activity kit that stimulates children to explore and discover the fascinating way shapes fit together to make delightful pictures and designs. MightyMind is a great play-alone activity. It keeps children busy by themselves. It does not require another child or parent. It’s a fabulous rainy day activity for pre-schoolers, because children will play with it for hours at a time. MightyMind is structured to encourage and entice a child to build complex designs and puzzles without outside assistance. As children play with MightyMind, they acquire important skills that build their confidence. MightyMind has won numerous awards and has been cited by authoritative experts on child development. MightyMind was an original winner of the Parent's Choice Toy of the Year award. It has been three times nominated by Parenting Magazine to the Toy Hall of Fame. It sells in 18 countries from Europe to Asia and Australia / New Zealand. MightyMind has won numerous awards and has been cited by authoritative experts on child development such as Dr. Stevanne Auerbach (Dr. Toy), Dr. Helen Boehm, “The Right Toys” (Bantam Books); Susan Amerikaner and Sarina Simon, “The Talented and Gifted Catalogue” (Price Stern Sloan); Parents Choice Honor Toy and an original Toy of the Year, chosen by Parents Magazine “best Toys” and nominated by Parenting to the Toy Hall of Fame for 4 consecutive years.

    Part of Puzzles and Games.

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