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    7100High Performance Stomp Rocket with 6 Rockets8 to 108

    The Stomp Rocket is one of most exciting flight toys in years. The ORIGINAL High-Performance STOMP ROCKET ! 6 Air Powered Rockets! No Batteries or Fuel Required!

    7101Stomp Rockets - 3 Extra Rockets6 to 106

    3 Extra High Performance Rockets. Each rocket has a soft vinyl rubber tip.

    7103Stomp Rocket - Indoor Foam Rockets3 to 103

    3 Foam Rockets For Safer Indoor Use.

    7202Yoho! Juggling Balls with CD Disk to

    Yoho! Juggling Balls Comes with CD Disk.

    7203Mister Babache Juggling Balls6 to 106

    Mister Babache Juggling Balls 130 grams 3 Styles: Black, Red, Blue and Yellow Green, Red, Orange and Yellow Purple, Green, Orange and Yellow

    7204Mister Babache Turbo Juggling Balls6 to 106

    Mister Babache Turbo Juggling Balls: 63 mm smooth high visibility pure rubber bounce balls. Excellent rebound 3 Styles: Black, Red or Blue and Yellow Green, Red, Orange and Yellow or Purple, Green, Orange and Yellow

    7211Oball - All Sports (New 6”)3 to 103

    Oball is the solution to the ball transport problem. It’s the world’s first truly ‘packable’ sports ball. No pump is required. It packs well: crush it, goes anywhere and plays hard . . . even underwater as a dive toy! Play soccer, hoops, volleyball and dodgeball. Oball All-Sport: a great throw, catch, kick and grab ball.

    7214Ultra SkyO5 to 105

    Giant Folding Flying Ring. Pops Open! Opens to Awesome 27” Diameter, or 00 cm

    7218SkyBlaster6 to 106

    Cool new SkyBlaster with it's own built in launcher. It also whistles whilst it flies and can go over a 120 feet. For a great quality kids and adults toy, the SkyBlaster is a winner.

    7219Oball & Bat3 to 103

    OBall & Bat

    7221Oball 3 ‘n 11 to 101

    Oball 3 ‘n 1

    7222Rebound Ball4 to 104

    The Rebound Ball, formerly known as the Bungee Ball, is one of the hottest toys on the market today. Rebound string keeps ball coming back for easy and fun catching. Great for hand eye coordination training for young and experienced sports players.

    7225Jonglerie Diabolo - Harlequin8 to 108

    This Swiss made five inch diabolo is one of the most popular rubber diabolos that we sell. The quality and the exclusive two colour combination is sure to please. Preferred by the pros. Comes with handsticks, string and instructions.

    7227Jonglerie Diabolo - Fluorescent8 to 108

    Jonglerie Diabolo

    7232Beamo 16”3 to 103

    Easy to throw and fun to catch. Beamo’s soft foam ring and durable spandex sleeve make these must-toss toys lightweight, safe and durable. Flys over 100 feet for boundless fun at the park or beach. They float too!

    7246Kiwido6 to 106

    A game originally played by the Maori of New Zealand, beautifully combines dynamic motion, aesthetics and dancing elements. The swinging toy is easy to learn with spectacular effects right away. Includes interactive learning CD Rom.

    7284Plasma Car - Purple3 to 103

    Plasma Car - Purple

    7285Plasma Car - Green3 to 103

    Plasma Car - Green

    7320Marble Racers9 to 109

    Marble Racers are unlike any toy racers on the market. Fun in the day and the night, Marble Racers have been recognised with multiple awards for their uniqueness and entertainment value. Made in USA.

    7328Marble Jets9 to 109

    The latest edition to the Marble Racer line, Marble Jet brings flashing fun to the wild blue yonder. Complete with crack & peal decals and wheels for racing on 1/64 scale racetracks, Marble Jet will provide daytime fun and nighttime thrills as imagination propels it through your minds’ sky.

    7330Marble Copters9 to 109

    Marble Copters are made in USA and is a light up flying toy that is great for nighttime fun. Fling the copter high into the air using the rubber band wand. It flies up to 50 feet in the nighttime sky, lights up and glows, as the light reflects off the hologram wings, and then helicopters to the ground.

    7341Foxtail - Softie Foam Ball3 to 103

    Here it is, the original young kid Foxtail Softie, Soft foam ball, mesh cover, nylon tail.

    7342Foxtail - Sport Leather Ball8 to 108

    The Original Foxtail Sport. Nylon tail, rubber ball wrapped in leather.

    7343Foxtail - LED Softie Foam Ball8 to 108

    The newest member of the Foxtail family. Soft foam ball. Includes battery-powered LED module.

    7344Foxtail - Fetch Rubber Ball8 to 108

    We toughened up the nylon material and added a bit more weight to the rubber ball. Your dog is in for a workout.

    7410Super Looper3 to 103

    Super Looper - Throw it and watch it fly back - right into your hands!! The Amazing Boomerang Plane!! No Strings, No Magnets - Engineered for fun!! Includes Customised Stickers and Removable Runway. Includes instructions and tips for the perfect flight!!

    7412Firefox Hand Launch Foam Glider6 to 106

    Extremely Strong and Flexible. Flies up to 75 Feet. Very Easy to Assemble. No Glue, tape or any tools required.

    7415Tim Bird4 to 104

    This is a Flying Bird unlike any other and it flies up to 50 meters, with it's unique rubber band powered mechanical flapping wing mechanism. You can even fool the Cat! Just assemble the wings, mechanism and body, then wind up the handle at the rear of the bird up to 50 turns maximum and this tensions the rubber band. Now you're ready to launch it into the air. No batteries are required as it is rubber band powered - fun for Child, Adult and Family. No other toy on the market does what this can do, you have to see it to believe it. Tim Bird originated in France by De Ruymbeke over 40 years ago and has sold in the millions all over the World. The bird comes in an attractive original designed carton.

    7418Inflatable World Animal Globe3 to 103

    A 30 cm diameter colourful world animal globe, original and unique. An attractive, shiny inflatable globe is the ideal way for children to learn about animals, with 172 separate illustrations showing animals in their natural habitat. The globe also includes a list of animals and their location.

    7419Inflatable World Globe4 to 104

    A 50 cm diameter colourful globe, original and unique.

    7421Alphabet Ball - Hands on Play and Learn Ball2 to 102

    Alphabet Ball - Many games can be enjoyed with this Alphabet ball. Calling out words, nouns, verbs, adjectives, creating sentences by using the previous word, A - Z of animals, foods, clothes, plus countless other creative activities. Ideal for foreign language studies, training, or fun activity to engage group spontaneity. Great party ball too!

    7422Ice Breaker - Hands on Play and Learn Ball2 to 102

    Ice Breaker - A creative way for a group of people to learn more about one another by talking about themselves.

    7424Animal Ball - Hands on Play and Learn Ball2 to 102

    Many games can be enjoyed with this Animal ball. Calling out names, species, habitat, what Animals eat, colours, how does the animal move? Plus, other activities, such as find words that rhyme, ie Rabbit - habit, etc. Ideal for foreign language studies, training, or fun activity to engage group spontaneity. Great party ball too!

    7426Fruit & Vegetable - Hands on Play and Learn Ball2 to 102

    Fruit & Vegetable - Many games can be enjoyed with the Fruit & Vegetable ball. Calling out names, whether it is a fruit or vegetable, how does it grow / fruit? Plus, other activities, such as where does it originate? Describe it, taste, smell, feel. Ideal for foreign language studies, training, or fun activity to engage group spontaneity. Great party ball too!

    7442HoverDisc Space Invasion Retail Envelope to

    Flip It - Toss It - Spin It Play Games For Indoor or Outdoor Enjoyment Fill with Helium or Hot Air Do Tricks The Most Revolutionary Toy Balloon in History 3 Feet Wide when Filled! The HoverDisc is the most exciting toy launch of the last five years. With a huge National television campaign in USA and nationwide live demo locations to support the product, the HoverDisc is sweeping the USA to become the rage of retail and specialty stores. Children of all ages absolutely love it. Adults go crazy for it. It’s a flying saucer, It’s a toy, It’s a balloon, It’s the amazing HoverDisc!

    7884Portable Hula Hoop5 to 105

    Portable Hula Hoop

    7888Just Jump It Skipping 8’ Ropes Confetti Design3 to 103

    Just Jump It Skipping 8’ Ropes - Confetti Design - 8 Foot Length, Now for Adults Use Too!

    7889Just Jump It Skipping 16’ Ropes Confetti Design3 to 103

    Just Jump It Skipping 16’ Ropes - Confetti Design - NEW 16 Foot Length, for Double Dutch. Now for Adults Use Too!

    7890Buddy Lee Magic Speed Jump Rope7 to 107

    Buddy Lee Magic Speed Jump Rope Magic Speed Jump Rope

    7894Buddy Lee Junior Speed Jump Rope7 to 107

    The Hyperformance Buddy Lee Junior Speed Jump Rope has the new advanced swivel bearing system for high intensity jump rope training. The 6 inch long handles are specifically made for smaller hand sizes. Similar to the Rope Master, the Junior Speed Jump Rope is designed for fitness and cross training to produce competitive advantages in speed, quickness, agility and anaerobic conditioning. This rope is perfect for youth 8 - 12 years old and petite woman. The Junior Speed has an innovative adjustment system that allows you to custom size the rope for individual height in seconds. The swivel-bearing wrench is specifically designed to secure and replace the bearings to maintain years of hyperformance jumping. The rope cord and swivel bearings are replaceable. Complete sizing, adjustment and rope care instructions are included with the Junior Speed Jump Rope.

    7896Buddy Lee Rope Master Jump Rope7 to 107

    The most versatile of the Buddy Lee hyperformance jump ropes. The 8 inch long handles are designed for easy execution of basic and advanced jumping skills for the serious adult or youth athlete / fitness buff. Sizing, adjustment and rope care instructions are included

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