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6202 Wordspiel For ages: 8 to 108


The Goal is to get rid of all 10 of your cards by making words. Each turn, simply start your word with the last card played. Just like the name, Wordspeil, Spiel uses the S from Words.

Use the timer to take your time, just be sure to put your best word forward.

This AmusinGame is such a GooDeal you will want to GeTwo!

Wordspiel game includes:

110 cards, electronic timer and instructions

6400 SET For ages: 8 to 108


Left / Right Brain Thinking Game The Magic Rule: If two are... and one is not, then it is not a 'Set'. One of the best games ever invented. SET can be played with as many people who can fit around a table, camp fire or ???. The SET Game has now won 35 International Awards, including the 1989 MENSA AWARD.

Shout SET and everyone checks to see if you have discovered the three cards that form a SET from the twelve cards laid face up on the table. You are now one point ahead, and the dealer lays out three more cards. The search starts again. There are no turns, so you don't wait to pick up the action. Age is no advantage in this game. so try this on your parents!

6300 Quiddler For ages: 8 to 108


The short word game, for the fun of words. QUIDDLER also helps spelling, vocabulary, maths, dictionary skills, spatial relationship skills, visual perception, critical thinking skills, personal and social skills.

QUIDDLER won the 1999 MENSA Award, following the success of the SET game, being awarded the 1989 MENSA Award. SET and QUIDDLER are invented by the same woman!

Quiddler, the short word, game - is a breakthrough in word games. Because short words, like 'at', 'is', 'of', 'ax','ow' and 'zoo' can lead to winning, players of all ages can play and win.

There are bonuses for both short and long words. You simply combine all the cards in your hand into words. The words don't have to be related, and you don't play off other player's words. In the first round players get three cards, in the second round four cards, on up to 10 cards in the last round. Just words. Just fun.

6100 Five Crowns For ages: 8 to 108

prodpic6100: Five Crowns

Five Crowns is a card game FUN for the whole family. A very addicting card game. Seven people can play at the same time, enjoy and compete for the lowest score. Try it, we guarantee you will like it. A Lot!!!

Five Crowns is a fast paced card game, suitable for the whole family and perhaps, a few extra players too! It has original game play, yet uses skills obtained from playing old favourite games such as: hearts, spades and rummy. Winner of 10 best card game awards

6488 Ghost Blitz For ages: 8 upwards

Prodpic6488: prodpic6488

A frenzied game of mental and physical dexterity! Ghost Blitz is somewhat like playing the SET game, yet more fun and challenging!

6810 TENZI For ages: 8 to 108

Prodpic6810: prodpic6810

It's a fun fast frenzy! The worlds fastest game! Everyone starts with ten dice. Someone says "Go!". Then everyone rolls and rolls as fast as they are able, until someone rolls all their dice on the same number. Sure, there a few more rules, plus other ways to play, yet you get the idea. It's a fun, fast frenzy. It's TENZI!

6811 TENZI - 77 Ways For ages: 8 to 108


A card deck to complement TENZI, the dice game, demonstrating 77 ways to play TENZI!

6816 SLAPZI! For ages: 12 to 104


SLAPZI is all about speed! Be the first to match the right picture cards to the right clue cards to win. Plus, there are at least six different ways to play!

Contains 120 Picture Cards and 65 Clue Cards.

6954 Geek Out! Party Game For ages: 9 to 104


Roll The Dice

A Card is Drawn

Note the corresponding topic

Will you let your opponents steal your points by outbidding you or face the challenge yourself. How far will you go to prove your worth and out-geek your friends?

205 List Cards, 20 Penalty Chips, a Coloured Die and Instructions included.

7410 Super Looper For ages: 4 to 104

prodpic7410large: prodpic7410largeprodpic7410: prodpic7410

Super Looper - Throw it and watch it fly back - right into your hands!! The Amazing Boomerang Plane!! No Strings, No Magnets - Engineered for fun!! Includes Customised Stickers and Removable Runway. Includes instructions and tips for the perfect flight!! Ages 3 +

3796 What 'zit For ages: 3 to 101
3808 My Girls For ages: 3 to 103
3810 Wooden Fireman For ages: 3 to 103
3795 Mini Robots For ages: 3 to 103

prodpic3796large: prodpic3796large prodpic3796largedisplay: prodpic3796largedisplay prodpic3808large: prodpic3808largeprodpic3810large300: prodpic3810large300prodpic3795large: prodpic3795large

A wooden multi colour little do nothing that will keep'em busy for hours. Strung together with elastic for creating multiple shapes. My girls and robots have movable heads, arms and legs! Wooden construction.

7180 Pumponator For ages: 5 to 104
7186 250 Biodegradable Refill Water Balloons For ages: 5 to 104

prodpic7180large: prodpic7180large prodpic7186large: prodpic7186large

Pumponator Balloon Pumping Station with 250 Biodegradable Water Balloons is designed to make filling balloons with water as well as air so easy. Whether you are competing or just having fun in the backyard, you will love the Pumponator. It is simple, easy to use and portable. Just fill the container with water and go! No more frustration with the runaway water hose or blowing up balloons until you are out of breath

Keep the fun going with the 250 biodegradable refill water balloons.

6608 Dobble / a.k.a. Spot it! For ages: 6 to 106

prodpic6608: prodpic6608

There is always one, and only one, matching symbol between any two cards in this party game.

Spot it and you win!

A sharp eye and a little bit of speed is all it takes to become a Dobble master.

1984 Star Chart For ages: 3 to 103
1985 My First Calendar Magnetic Chart For ages: 3 to 103
1988 Multiplication Magnetic Chart For ages: 3 to 103

prodpic1984large300: prodpic1984large300 prodpic1988large300: prodpic1988large300

prodpic1985large300: prodpic1985large300

The Magnetic Star Charts are a fun and interactive way to encourage good behaviour, as children love to be rewarded and praised for good behaviour. This 33cm x 40cm magnetic board has magnetic stars, magnetic chore suggestions, and an erasable text area for documenting chores. Children will love to see that they are moving closer to a reward!

My First Calendar helps children describe and keep track of the date, day of the week and weather. Also has swing cord to suspend the chart.

The Magnetic Multiplication Chart has the times tables up to 12 x 12 . . .it comes with an erasable pen, an answer sheet and some learning tips.

Crystal Puzzles For ages: 14 upwards

Medium Crystal Puzzles

prodpic5801large: prodpic5801large prodpic5805: prodpic5805 prodpic5807: prodpic5807 prodpic5812: prodpic5812 prodpic5813: prodpic5813 prodpic5814: prodpic5814 Prodpic5816: prodpic5816 prodpic5817: prodpic5817 prodpic5818large300: prodpic5818large300 prodpic5828: prodpic5828

Large Crystal Puzzles

prodpic5835large: prodpic5835largeProdpic5862:

prodpic5838: prodpic5836: prodpic5836 prodpic5832large300: prodpic5832large300 Prodpic5842: prodpic5831: prodpic5831 prodpic5830: prodpic5830prodpic5833: prodpic5833

A great gift range for those aged 14 and upwards! One of our best-selling range.

6626 Qwirkle For ages: 6 to 106

prodpic6626large: prodpic6626large

Combining well-thought strategy with quick-thinking challenges, Qwirkle is played by creating rows and columns of matching colours and shapes; since the simple play requires no reading, the whole gang can connect shapes and colours, making the strategic multiple-tile moves that earn maximum points.

108 wood blocks. 2 to 4 players. Ages 6 and up

0967 MightyMind For ages: 3 to 8

prodpic0967large300: prodpic0967large300

MightyMind is an activity kit that stimulates children to explore and discover the fascinating way shapes fit together to make delightful pictures and designs.

MightyMind is a great play-alone activity. It keeps children busy by themselves. It does not require another child or parent. It's a fabulous rainy day activity for pre-schoolers, because children will play with it for hours at a time. MightyMind is structured to encourage and entice a child to build complex designs and puzzles without outside assistance. As children play with MightyMind, they acquire important skills that build their confidence.

MightyMind has won numerous awards and has been cited by authoritative experts on child development. MightyMind was an original winner of the Parent's Choice Toy of the Year award. It has been three times nominated by Parenting Magazine to the Toy Hall of Fame. It sells in 18 countries from Europe to Asia and Australia / New Zealand. MightyMind has won numerous awards and has been cited by authoritative experts on child development such as Dr. Stevanne Auerbach (Dr. Toy), Dr. Helen Boehm, 'The Right Toys' (Bantam Books); Susan Amerikaner and Sarina Simon, 'The Talented and Gifted Catalogue' (Price Stern Sloan); Parents Choice Honor Toy and an original Toy of the Year, chosen by Parents Magazine 'Best Toys' and nominated by Parenting to the Toy Hall of Fame for 4 consecutive years. For More info visit : http://www.mightymindkids.com/ExplainerVideo.html

0968 SuperMind For ages: 5 to 9

prodpic0968large300: prodpic0968large300

SuperMind - The more challenging sequel to MightyMind. SuperMind challenges school age children to build increasingly complex designs and pictures. SuperMind begins where MightyMind leaves off. Using the same shapes as MightyMind, SuperMind challenges school age children and younger gifted children, to build increasingly complex designs and pictures. This play-alone activity is ideal for any child who has completed the beginning MightyMind card series. Parents and teachers especially like it, because it keeps children busy by themselves, developing their sense of independence and self confidence. Children around the world have mastered basic intuitive skills by playing with this highly recognised award winner. Like MightyMind, it has been cited by authoritative experts on child development including Susan Amerikaner and Sarina Simon, 'The Talented and Gifted Catalogue'. There is no further description available, or necessary for SuperMind. If your child enjoyed MightyMind, SuperMind is even better!!! Or, for older children who LOVE puzzles.

5506 Mobi For ages: 5 to 9


Quick Rules!

Empty all tiles onto a flat playing surface. Separate the blue tiles from the white tiles. All the blue tiles are numbers. All the white tiles are operations. Mix up all the blue tiles, take 7 number tiles each . . . . say "GO!" . . . and you have a game on your hands!

The point of the game is to use up all your blue tiles by connecting them with mathematical equations in a crossword-style grid. This is called a "POD". When you run out of blue tiles, say "FLIP" and pick up THREE more tiles from the centre and make everyone else do the same . . . . whether they are ready to or not! Keep this up until the blue tiles run out. Can't use one of your blue tiles? Just say "SWAP" and switch that blue tile for two new tiles. First player to connect all of his/her blue tiles shouts "MÖBI" and is the winner! It's as simple as that!

Grab a few friends, find a flat surface and you're set! Introduce your little ones to numbers or challenge your best friend numerical combat. This game is made for absolutely everyone!

For detailed instructions and other ways to get a whole lot of fun out of this little blue whale - please see: playmobi.com

4499 A Day on The Farm Two Sided Floor Puzzle 46 Piece For ages: 3 to 103
4500 At the Zoo Two Sided Floor Puzzle 46 Piece For ages: 3 to 103
4504 Enchanted Kingdom Two Sided Floor Puzzle 46 Piece For ages: 3 to 103

prodpic4499large: prodpic4499large

prodpic4500large: prodpic4500large

prodpic4504large: prodpic4504large

Two Sided Floor Puzzle 46 Big Pieces Sneaky Puzzles are full of surprises! Four versions to choose from:

- Work on different emergency scenes on both sides!

- Put together GREAT BIG tigers on one side and a beautiful zoo scene on the other side.

- Two different farm scenes with animals

- Enchanted kingdoms for young princesses to discover

All the letters of the alphabet and numbers 0 - 9 are hidden in the picture . . . sneaky, huh? Find them all!

Ages 3 and up. 2 x 3 feet when finished.

4260 Felt Creations Barnyard For ages: 4 to 104
4262 Felt Creations Farm For ages: 4 to 104
4264 Felt Creations Dinosaurs For ages: 4 to 104
4265 Felt Creations Fire Engine For ages: 4 to 104
4266 Felt Creations Zoo For ages: 4 to 104
4267 Felt Creations Beach For ages: 4 to 104
4268 Felt Creations Construction For ages: 4 to 104
4269 Felt Creations Party For ages: 4 to 104
4270 Felt Creations Pirate Ship For ages: 4 to 104
4275 Felt Creations Airport For ages: 4 to 101
4276 Felt Creations Princess For ages: 4 to 104
4277 Felt Creations Hospital For ages: 4 to 101
4278 Felt Creations Dancing Ballerina For ages: 4 to 104
4279 Felt Creations Pet Shop For ages: 4 to 101
4280 Felt Creations Horse For ages: 4 to 104
4281 Felt Creations Baby Set For ages: 4 to 101
4282 Felt Creations Goldilocks For ages: 4 to 104
4286 Felt Creations 3 Little Pigs For ages: 4 to 104
4287 Felt Creations Cake Shop For ages: 4 to 104
4290 Felt Creations Alphabet For ages: 4 to 104
4291 Felt Creations Wedding For ages: 4 to 104
4293 Felt Creations Camping For ages: 4 to 104
4296 Felt Creations Noah's Ark For ages: 4 to 104

prodpic4260: prodpic4260

prodpic4262: prodpic4262 prodpic4264: prodpic4264

prodpic4265: prodpic4265 prodpic4266: prodpic4266 prodpic4267: prodpic4267

Prodpic4268: Prodpic4268 prodpic4269: prodpic4269 prodpic4270: prodpic4270 prodpic4275: prodpic4275 prodpic4276: prodpic4276 prodpic4277: prodpic4277 prodpic4278: prodpic4278 prodpic4279: prodpic4279

prodpic4280: prodpic4280 prodpic4281: prodpic4281 prodpic4282: prodpic4282 prodpic4284: prodpic4284

prodpic4287: prodpic4287

prodpic4290: prodpic4290 Prodpic4291: Prodpic4293: prodpic4296: prodpic4296

Fabulous Fun with Felt Creations. Use your imagination and create a wonderful world of fantasy with the felt pieces on the feltboard. Rearrange them anytime and collect and combine diferent Felt Creations sets to create endless hours of fun. JAYZ has 24 Felt Creations designs available. Items 4260 - 4296

4531 World Puzzle Fridge Magnet Puzzle For ages: 1 to 101
4532 New Zealand Fridge Magnet Puzzle For ages: 1 to 101

prodpic4531: prodpic4532:

Fun Magnetic Puzzles to put on your fridge or anywhere that has a metal surface.

4903 Metal Earth - P-51 Mustang For ages: 14 to 114
4905 Metal Earth - D-VII Fokker For ages: 14 to 114
4911 Metal Earth - UH-1 Huey For ages: 14 to 114
4912 Metal Earth - Black Pearl Pirate Ship For ages: 14 to 114
4916 Metal Earth - Eiffel Tower For ages: 14 to 114
4924 Metal Earth - Sky City For ages: 14 to 114
4965 Metal Earth - Star Wars R2-D2 For ages: 14 to 114
4966 Metal Earth - Star Wars Millenium Falcon For ages: 14 to 114
4985 Metal Earth - Star Wars X-Wing For ages: 14 to 114
4986 Metal Earth - Star Wars Tie Fighter For ages: 14 to 114

prodpic4903: prodpic4903 prodpic4905: prodpic4905 prodpic4911: prodpic4911 prodpic4912: prodpic4912 prodpic4916: prodpic4916 Prodpic4924: prodpic4924Prodpic4965: Prodpic4966: Prodpic4985: Prodpic4986:

These puzzles fill the gap for age 14 upwards. You will only need a pair of pliers.

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