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    Sharp 24 Challenge

    The following background information is from the 1998 SHARP 24 CHALLENGE Maths Programme. This is the last year we organised the 22 Regional Tournaments throughout New Zealand.

    We are providing this background information of this programme for informational purposes only.

    Jayz Letterhead 97 Pic: Jayz Letterhead 97 Pic

    To All Teachers, Principals, Students . . .

    A Word from Sharp Corporation || Quotations || Press Clippings
    Timetable || Dates and Venues || Official Rules || Tournament Play
    Registration Card || Student Entry Card

    The New Zealand Sharp 24 Challenge Maths Programme activates an entire community's enthusiasm for maths and numbers. Everyone involved enjoys the public recognition that puts students, schools and the subject of maths education into a positive light. The programme brings together businesses, schools, government, and community organisations in partnership to support education.

    24 GAMES have proven to increase students' enthusiasm for maths achievement. Finding several different solutions extends students' creativity and lateral thinking skills and keys them into problem-solving, communication, number systems, patterns & functions, estimation, algebra, exponents, . . . The Decimal Edition, introduced in 1994, reinforces decimals, percentages and monetary skills.

    The secret to the game's success is its richness. Its simple rules are grasped by students in seconds, and yet there are certain 24 GAMES cards that have stumped some of the very best maths minds. Beginners and experts alike all enjoy playing 24 GAMES.

    These quotations from the many children's letters received explain why we are involved in the SHARP 24 CHALLENGE -- you can see how the children enjoy it.

    This year, the New Zealand Sharp 24 Challenge continues with the inclusion of the Algebra Edition game, (for Year Level 8 only), so even those familiar with the 24 GAMES will continue to be CHALLENGED!

    Yes, the children do enjoy it!

    Yes, they have FUN playing the game while enhancing their maths skills in:

    • reasoning
    • problem solving
    • patterning
    • mental arithmetic
    How to be involved in the SHARP 24 CHALLENGE Maths Programme

    24 GAMES have been sent free to all New Zealand schools in previous years so you should already have games in your school. If you cannot locate these games, or need to purchase more Standard, Decimal or Algebra Edition games, please see our Order Form.

    24Front Pic: 24Front Pic 24 GAMES can be purchased in New Zealand from most: Farmers, Kmart, London Bookshops, Paper Plus, The Warehouse, Whitcoulls, Countdown, Foodtown, Woolworths stores and other retailers. The four versions on sale are marked with a coloured square - red, white, black, and yellow.

    Each version has 24 different game cards. We recommend you inform other parents about the 24 GAMES and encourage them to use the games with their children at home.

    The Sharp 24 Timetable outlines important dates for introducing the 24 GAMES to your students, running school competitions and entering the Regional Tournaments.

    Why should our school be involved again? Didn't we do it all before?

    Even students familiar with the Standard Edition 24 GAMES will continue to be challenged with the Decimal and Algebra Editions.

    New Zealand Tournaments will use a selection of cards from the Standard Edition, the Decimal Edition, the Algebra Edition (Year Level 8 only - formerly Form 2) and the Double Puzzle Sleeves. These sleeves eliminate the possibility of pure memorisation because students have to find the missing number (2 to 9) that can make '24' on both cards. And often there is more than one correct solution! Try to solve this one . . .

    GameCard1 Pic: GameCard1 Pic

    Please note: Using '1' as an answer to solve Double Puzzle Sleeves will not be allowed at the Regional Tournaments.

    Why else should our school enter the SHARP 24 CHALLENGE?

    There are no fees! Through sponsorship from Sharp Corporation, Jayz International, and other sponsors, schools can enter the tournaments and winners will receive prizes without having to pay any registration fees!

    What do I do next?

    Simply show your interest by filling in the Registration Card and return it to Jayz International as soon as possible; then we can include your school in the organisation of the New Zealand Regional Tournaments. Registration Cards should be received by 24 March 1998.

    Children's names can be sent later in the term on the Student Entry Card, when you have finished your school competitions. This needs to arrive at Jayz International 14 days before your respective Regional Tournament.

    Please note: Receipt of the Registration and Entry Cards automatically enrols and confirms your school in the SHARP 24 CHALLENGE -- Written confirmations will NOT be sent to you.

    Want to be involved?

    We invite teachers and parents who may have helped in the school competitions to become involved in Regional Tournaments. Please fill in the Registration Card or Student Entry Card if you are eager to participate as a referee in the EXCITING and FUN Sharp 24 Challenge.


    Check out our Contact Info page.

    We look forward to meeting you and your students at the up-and-coming
    Sharp 24 Challenge Regional Tournaments.

    Jayz signature: Spirit Pic: Spirit Pic Hine Elder Signature: Hine Elder Signature

    Jayz Letterhead 97 Pic: Jayz Letterhead 97 Pic

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